Hi, I’m Chaewon, your resident graphic and web designer at 3F Design. You might be surprised to find out that I started my own entrepreneurial journey as a bookkeeper, just like you.

I’ve always had an attraction to numbers and money, so I finally took the dive to establish my own bookkeeping business in December 2019 (right before the pandemic hit).

In the process of setting up my own bookkeeping business, I unexpectedly discovered another (nearly equal) passion of mine: design. Not only that, but I found that there was a high need and unmet demand in the bookkeeping and accounting industry!

Since then, I’ve truly enjoyed working with the close-knit community of bookkeepers and accountants online. It has been a pleasure to help each business owner’s vision come to life with the development of their own unique brand and website.
I know design is not the strength of most people in our industry. Let me take away the stress of designing your own brand and website, and help you to take your bookkeeping business to that next level of trust and legitimacy.